Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Introducing the secret.. The Foot Fetish Shirt.

I like many of you have been trying to figure out how to enjoy my foot fetish without the embarrassment that comes telling girls I have it. Over time, I tried many things. I created business cards saying I was a foot reflexologist. When asked what I did, I told girls I did foot reflexology. I found that most of the girls I've told this too went "Ahhhhhh.... I can use a massage.."..

Being a printer (screen printer), I decided to print a shirt kind of like this one. The first day I wore it, I found I didn't have to even introduce myself. The girls would see me and say "I could use a massage..."

The days of looking for feet to play with and smell are over. When I need a fix, I just put on this shirt and head to a business park or mall and I can almost always find a girl.

I started selling these in 2005 and have since sold over 500. I used to sell only through affiliates on foot fetish boards. Now I am selling to the general public.

You can buy yours for only $14.95 SHIPPED!. My paypal account you will use is verified and will be descreet on your bill. Buy yours today and I will even customize the "Springfield Foot Reflexology" name to a name of your choosing. Our print shop now does direct to garment printing making it possible to do this.

Only $14.95 Shipped!


Friday, September 01, 2006

From a foot lover to fellow foot lovers!


I opened this blog to share some insights on how to get women to allow you to massage and smell their feet with no questions asked. I have an intense foot fetish and love to smell a nice pair of sweaty feet. I have been going through life trying to figure out how to share this with people and how to do it in a way in which I am not labeled as "strange"... I have found it and will explain in a future post.

I know the usual ways, such as going to strip clubs, hiring escorts, and going to massage parlours. In case you don't know, most women in these industries do know and understand what a foot fetish is. Very few in my experience have thought it was wierd. At a strip club, just look down at the girl's feet as she is propositioning you for a lap dance and say "nice toes".. 9 out of 10 girls I've used this on have asked if I wanted a special foot lap dance... :)..

Now I will show the way to get girls to let you smell their feet and beg you to do this without them even knowing you have a foot fetish. THe great part is, that since I have been doing this, I am having to turn them down for foot massages. As strange as this is, I have the ability to pick and choose. All these women only think that I am DOING THEM A FAVOR!.... Here I am giving foot massages at bars, airports, and office complex picnic areas. While I'm doing this, I am taking in the smells with their feet a few inches from my nose. And Even THIS DOES NOT WIERD THEM OUT!!!!

Stay tuned for the answer...